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About Us

De Fleur was founded by Alfred on 1998. We began with cozy little shop on Jl. Mayjen Soetoyo. We provide flower arrangement for special occasion such as Valentine, Christmas, birthday, wedding, engagement, newborn baby and many more. Then as a trusted florist on the city, we began to collaborate with wedding decorator. Flower is the important vein of a wedding venue, it make your fabulous day even awesome. We, florist, make your wedding dream come true. Besides venue-decorating, we also do hand bouquet for bride and bridesmaid, corsage for groom and family, wedding car decoration, and also bride and groom's bedroom decoration.

We also help you to say your greetings by Standing Bouquet, Box Bouquet, Wrap Bouquet, Hampers and Bouquet Letter. If you about to decorate your house, we are happy to arrange Vase Bouquet for your house. We provide imported fresh flower and imported imitation flower with high quality, you can choose which one you prefer. Flower arrangement are customisable according to your preference, the flower, color, size, and budget.

Fresh flower is sweet, natural, and unique, therefore many woman love it to put them as hairpiece. Check our flower hairpiece and have them for your next party event. Another service is wrapping gifts and scrapbooking. We put our passion and love to every detail, so the gift will be wonderful for your loved one.

On February 2012 we move to our new site on Jl. Veteran no 45, Semarang. Please do visit us and pamper yourself and loved ones. Like the old one says, "Say it with flower".



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